How To Get Your Emails Opened - Email Marketing Best Practices

John Young

August 10, 2015

John Young

August 10, 2015

If you doubt the power of personalizing emails to customers, take a look at these stats. A 2013 study showed they generate six times higher transaction rates and revenue than impersonal emails. Companies that personalize see an average 14 percent rise in sales. A 2014 report revealed that using first-name personalization upped click-through-rates 1.2 percent.

Yet, 90 percent of companies aren’t gung-ho about email personalization. They don’t tackle it because they don’t have the data they need, don’t know how to use the data they have or are afraid their data is wrong. Here are some ways smart companies use the power of email personalization:

They read the story that sales data tells

By keeping tabs on what you buy, when you buy and where you buy, retailers do their best to sell you more of the same. Buy a swimsuit and soon, there’ll be an email hawking the latest beach bags, flip flops, hats and cover ups. Order the gluten-free fettucine at your favorite Italian restaurant and it won’t be long before an email arrives, promoting a brand-new gluten-free dish for summertime.

They let customers tell them what they want to hear

Being personal and polite is doubly appreciated. Smart marketers give customers many chances to tell them what sort of information they want from the company. Customers can opt in, opt out and specify information they seek.

They get to know their audience

Analytics are an email marketer’s best buddy. Savvy companies study what customers read and download from their website. They send emails according to their customers’ time zones and not theirs. Even better, they study when customers typically open their emails and send future ones at the same time.


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