Grow Your Donor List Through Modeling

Julie Thomas

March 16, 2015

Julie Thomas

March 16, 2015

And if you want your nonprofit to grow, your donor list must grow as well. One way to do that is through modeling: an analytical, data-driven approach that is used throughout private business and is now becoming popular in the nonprofit sector.

How does it work?

Modeling is fairly simple. Your current donor list is analyzed and the most common traits of the group are identified. In modeling, all sorts of traits are examined: how much a donor has given to other organizations, the types of organizations they support, the size of gifts, the frequency of gifts. A number of lifestyle factors might also be used in the comparison: number of children, education, income, and hobbies, for example. Based on these traits, similar donors are identified in national pools of donors. Lists of these donors are purchased.

Is it hard to do?

Most of the work in building the list through modeling rests with our company. In fact, after our nonprofit clients supply their current donor list, our company and the company that analyzes the list and finds the matches do the work.

After we have compiled a donor list similar to yours, we send your donation request to this new list of potential donors. Those that make a gift are added to your donor list. We keep track of which lists got the most responses for you and how much those donors gave.
We think, as a business model, modeling is a very smart way for nonprofits to grow their support.


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