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Create Killer Content For Social Media

John Young

February 01, 2016

John Young

February 01, 2016

These “friends” saw your business’s posts in their newsfeed, read them and passed them along to their Facebook friends. It was a fast, free and effective way to spread the word. Facebook friends were the fertilizer of organic advertising.

A new content era

Now, Facebook prefers to sell this kind of exposure, in the form of paid advertising. Thanks to this new direction, your business’s posts appear in fewer of your Facebook friends’ newsfeeds–experts estimate 10 percent or less. Even with that, the world’s largest social network is still a viable route for marketing your business, so don’t abandon your friends or Facebook just yet. The key to exposure is killer content. That’s not cute videos of cuddly kittens, that is, unless you make your millions selling baby felines. It isn’t reposts of business experts you admire. Powerful content isn’t passing along pretty pictures of the scene outside your office window.

Killer content is like a #1 song–it is original, meaningful, memorable. The best content is also, like a Gold Record, valuable.

Here are some ways to ensure the content you create slays:

Crack open your brain; share the knowledge locked inside.

You know your business better than your clients. Chances are they have questions about things that you assume everyone knows and understands. What do your customers or clients want you to tell them? How can you inform, educate and enlighten them? Let’s say you sell organic coffee imported from South America. Why does it cost $2 to $3 a pound more than the mainstream brands? Explaining the value of your coffee, in terms of quality and benefits to society through a blog or a video interview with your South American partners, could go a long way in selling more coffee.

You are an expert; act like one.

Lots of companies repost stories written by industry experts. That’s fine, but it does nothing to advance your business. The better approach is to read up on an issue and write your own piece about it. Make sure your thought piece is packed with facts (you can provide links to your sources) and provides useful advice or takeaways. Don’t echo everyone else; find your own voice and use it.

Make good use of the smart people that surround you.

Successful business owners surround themselves with smart people. Gather your smart people and talk about topics that customers want to learn more about. Then, talk about creative ways to communicate that information through social media. Chances are, you and your team will have a substantial list. Divvy up the writing and video work; don’t dump the responsibility on one poor soul. Heaping all the work on one person can make social media efforts collapse.


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