Websites: Looking good on all devices

John Young

January 22, 2013

John Young

January 22, 2013

People are shifting the way they surf the web. Now that the web has become the primary way that customers get information about your products and services, it is crucial that your website stays in sync with web surfing trends.

More and more, people are using iPads, tablets, phones and even e-readers to access the web. It’s important that your webpages are sized properly for these devices. If a visitor to your site has to scroll sideways or constantly needs to re-size the page to read your content, they could very well become frustrated and leave. Conversely, if you make everything small so it fits nicely on a phone, it will look anemic on a large desktop screen. There is a way to solve this but first a few supporting facts.

Here are some commonly used stats that may surprise you:

  • Over 470 million smart phones were shipped in 2011. That’s more than the 400 million PCs shipped.
  • A third of people looking for business info rely on MOBILE devices.
  • Two thirds of mobile workers use a tablet instead of a PC most of the time
  • A quarter use only mobile devices

Imagine missing this large number of customers because your site isn’t formatted for their screen. Basically, people are using phones and tablets to find you on the web. We can update your site so that it can be viewed easily on any device. We can format it to self-adjust the content so that the layout and sizing is optimum for delivering your message no matter what device is being used to view it.

It’s called “responsive design” because the pages detect and respond to the visitor’s device. Although its official name is responsive design, maybe it should be called “smart business”. It gives you a competitive edge over sites who haven’t updated in line with today’s devices. Let’s face it, if people can’t easily read your message, there is little chance that they will respond to your call to action.

Stay in line with web surfing trends to “future proof” your site so that it reaches ALL your potential customers no matter how they choose to find your website.


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