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John Young

May 02, 2013

John Young

May 02, 2013

Return on Investment (ROI): Email

Email marketing is dead, right?  With all the spam filters out there, nothing of substance is getting through to potential customers; at least that’s what we have been led to think by email competitors.  But actually, email can be used in conjunction with Direct Mail to amplify your campaign.  Email still remains a powerful way to connect with customers and influence their buying decisions.

A 2012 survey of consumer channel habits and preferences by Exact Target found 77 percent of those polled preferred permission-based promotions via email.

The Direct Marketing Association estimates email marketing’s ROI for 2011 was $40.56 for every dollar invested. So, even in this rapidly-changing tech environment, there’s still money to be made by small to mid-size businesses marketing products and services via that old/new vehicle – email.

As long as you properly target email readers and make content relevant and valuable, email should be part of a total marketing strategy. Today’s smartphones and tablets make it handy for your customers to check email anywhere, any time. People are constantly reading messages and their status, so keep them informed, entertained and needed.

It’s important to know that smaller email lists, 500 and under, often get the highest open rates. Certain industries like real estate, religious, non-profit, transportation and consulting are getting solid open rates, although many other categories are capable of drawing interest too, according to the 2011 Email Marketing Metrics Report.

Popular words in the subject line also create more interest. Words like news, newsletter, sale and holiday do nicely, but just remember to limit the number of characters in the line to 15 to 25.

Email is regaining relevancy when combined with another giant of marketing – social media. Definitely include social media icons such as Facebook and Twitter in the newsletters you email to present and future customers. In turn, add an email sign-up spot to your social media pages. Turn social media fans into email subscribers and vice versa.

Use a call-to-action in combining email marketing and social media. Be very clear what benefit the follower will get by signing up for your email newsletter. Make it enticing. What exclusive information can they obtain? What savings or special treatment can they expect?

The so-called “death of email” is a premature obituary. Keep using email to support your complete marketing plan.


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