Let Your Customers Do The Talking

John Young

July 21, 2014

John Young

July 21, 2014

Use your website to gather information

The savviest businesses though, ask customers what they want and need. An easy, efficient way to do that is through a company website. There are many ways a website can aid in gathering information about your clients or prospective customers.

Explain how information will be used

As a best practice, I think businesses should make clear why they are asking for information and what will be done with the information that is collected. Business owners also need to think about what their business needs to know about customers. It always pays to go beyond simply gathering names and contact information. For example, by asking for age range, you might realize that your customers are primarily age 55 and over, indicating that it is time to step up marketing to Gen Xers, Millennials and the New Silent Generation.

Offer customers something they need

It also pays to offer website visitors something of value when you ask them for information. A company might provide service reminders to customers in exchange for filling out an online form. Most people appreciate the email they’ll get to remind them it is time to have their car’s oil changed or their furnace filter replaced. Or, a company might provide more in-depth information about a particular topic, for example, a tutorial on how to identify a termite from their pest control company or steps for planting a tree or seeding a lawn, provided by a local nursery or lawn service. There’s no one formula for gathering information. The key is to decide what information you need and what you can your customers in return.

For more information and ideas, download our resource 5 Ways to Add Muscle to Your Website.


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