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John Young

December 08, 2014

John Young

December 08, 2014

If you need to get inspired to blog, take a look at these statistics compiled last year by Social Media Today.

  • 81 percent of U.S. consumers trust the advice and information they read in blogs.
  • 61 percent of U.S. consumers made a purchase based on a blog post.

But what should I blog about?

A common hang-up for the first-time blogger is not knowing what they want to say. Suppose a friend came up to you at a party and said, “what’s new at work?” Other than the arrival of a new coffee maker in the break room, what would you tell them? What’s new is a great subject for blog posts. Is your field grappling with new challenges? Are there innovations that your customers should know about? Are you approaching an old problem with a new solution? What is new under your roof that your customers or potential customers need to know about? For your second blog, how does this new product or service benefit them? And, for blog number three, how does this product or feature work?

Get a fresh perspective

Often, it takes someone outside of our business to make us see that what we do is interesting and important. Suppose you are seated next to someone on a plane who wants to know about what you do. As you explain, they ask questions. These are the same questions a prospective client would ask. So if you don’t have a flight in your immediate future, sit down with a significant other, a relative or a friend, and ask them to ask you questions about your business and what it does. Record the conversation. Replay it, tweak your answers and you have several ready-made blog posts.

Share the wealth

One person doesn’t have to do it all. Although it is always valuable and advisable for a company leader to blog, the president or CEO doesn’t have to be the lone blogger. Have department heads come up with blog topics for their areas and write a blog or two about each topic. And, if, the company leader just can’t find the time to blog, hire a professional ghost writer to write their posts for them.

You’ll be surprised at how much you have to say once you get started.


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