5 Reasons You Shouldn't Dump Email

John Young

September 18, 2014

John Young

September 18, 2014


It has been argued that email is dead, or dying or is no longer relevant, but it seems it has stood the test of time compared to other marketing methods that have come about in the past 30 years. And while it may seem that email can’t get any respect these days, we are here to let you know some reasons why email is pretty great.

1. It plays well with others

A true extrovert, email gains marketing strength when paired with other channels. Email can drive engagement across multiple platforms, print or digital, and can mirror other campaign pieces for a stronger brand presence.

2. It cleans up nicely

An email can be as simple as a confirmation email or as sophisticated as a triggered email based on an abandoned shopping cart. With this range of uses, email is a jack-of-all-trades that can fit into almost any marketing plan.

3. It is honest

The data that is collected through an email send isn’t sugar coated. It’s there in black and white – opens, clicks and conversions. This type of feedback is invaluable when testing new messaging.

4. It can take a hint

Email knows when it is, and isn’t, wanted. By tracking engagement, marketers can know when it is okay to send more emails to an individual and when they should back off from another. This insight allows you to reach your subscribers when and how they want.

5. It is in it for the long haul

Building a relationship with your customers is usually the number one priority for marketers. The good news is email is up to the task. It is a great relationship nurturing tool, and also can provide information on long-term subscriber engagement instead of just a snapshot of a single campaign. This quality alone may be email’s saving grace.


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